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Case Study- Restaurant Websites

These days we are googling literally everything and for businesses, it is important having a user-friendly website. Research has suggested that having a well-designed website can increase turnover by around 45%.

From our recent research, we have found that more than 70% online users visiting a restaurant website from mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to give them the best user experience online through easy to navigate mobile web apps.

Now, we would like to bring your attention to our designed website for the red panda Belfast. It has two completely different looks (PC version and Mobile version). Since most of the customers are using the website via mobile phone we decided to design it in the way to give them the best user experience possible. It has well designed and tailor-made buttons to pointing the users in the right direction. We have implemented different versions of the website before and we found that users are using mobile version more frequently than other.

On the web, first impressions count – a lot. A visitor decides to stay on your website or move on within 4 to 8 seconds. Your website is the face of your business, make sure it looks pretty and user-friendly. So make this impression count!


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